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Marlins-StadiumPlay Ball

By Don Valentine

      Summer is almost here, and it’s time to get back to the ball-park. We have a jewel of a stadium in our Dade County backyard. Get the family out there early this season to enjoy the Marlins while they are above 500.  Currently they are only a couple of games out of first place.  If you’re lucky, their slugger Giancarlo Stanton will knock one out.  Either way you will have a great afternoon in this state-of-the-art park.

The Marlins did a great job of providing good sight lines from most every seat, even from the upper deck. Up there you get a breathtaking view of downtown Miami and the game as well. The park is decorated in traditional South Florida flair with art deco colors. It even has an aquarium behind home plate. In the outfield section you can eat at the “Taste of Miami” concession area. Try the media nachos or the conch fritters. The “Bobblehead” museum on the lower level is a must see. Don’t forget the branch of South Beach Clevelander if you want libations. You get all this plus, getting to watch the best baseball players in the world with Major League Baseball.

Best part, unlike the Dolphins, the tickets are dirt cheap. Thanks to the machinations of previous ownership that spurned a lot of fans, prices are really low. You can get a lot of seats for the price of a movie ticket.

They installed a retractable roof that keeps the game moving by avoiding our thunder storms.

Taking the family to see a baseball game is a national tradition that you should find time for this summer. The team is showing promise; they have players in five of the top statistical categories. This includes All-Star pitcher Jose Fernandez, wizard closer A.J. Ramos and Martin Prado.

“Batter Up!”

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