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Pure All White Affair Miami Gardens Wine & Food Experience

pure-all-white-affairPure All White Affair Miami Gardens Wine & Food Experience

Dr. Hyacynthia M. Leonce, LPC, LMHC Entertainment Reporter

Last Friday night the place to be was Miami Gardens Wine & Food Experience Pure All White Affair.

This was all put together by The Commissioner Lisa Davis who explained that the “Pure” White Experience was one of class and elegance a prelude of what is to come with The 2nd Miami Gardens Wine and Food experience.

“Our Celebrity Chefs, G. Garvin and Marcus Samuel-son, amazing Foods and Wines from all over the country with Violinist Jarred Barrett’ The Smash Room band and Music by DJ Thomas Harper my host Jill Tracey and Greenleaf Lamman Rucker will be there. Need I say more?”

The ambience of being outside by the water with a sea of people wearing white was breathtaking.  The atmosphere was festive and the food was to be talked about.  There was food music and dancing.

Upon walking in I ex-perienced Chef Manny with his “Ain’t Your Mammy Shrimp and Grits,” which included white wine sauce, grits, Monterey jack cheddar cheese and bacon bits; it was tasty.

I then moved over to Juanita’s Chef Cecil G with his “Amazing shrimp and Grits” he says “because when you eat it you’ll recognize.”  Chef Cecil G said that he put his heart in it.  His dish included a diaspora bake of sweet potato, plantain and coconut milk, spices and apple pickle. It was good!

To top all this off I met Sarah Gracel, CEO, of The Candy Girls Gourmet Confectionaries who has been in business for six years, is an actress and baker.  I tasted her blue velvet cake and it was delicious.

As time went on I met Nasheema Harvey, Ms. International Beautiful (representing the island of Jamaica). She is a Graduate student at FAU in their Master’s of Public Administration program.  Harvey exclaimed “The wine and food experience preview was beautiful.  I attended as a guest and thoroughly enjoyed sampling the health foods and desserts!  Great ambiance and plenty of vibes!”

Last but not least I met Nicole Gates, who is from Columbus, GA, a city I have lived in.  She is handling all the media press etc. for this event and the one in November.  I had a great time!  Everyone go out and buy your ticket for the big day on November 12th just $75 a head!

Who will be crowned the 2016 Miami Gardens MasterChef? Taste and see for yourself as Councilwoman Lisa Davis and the City of Miami Gardens presents the 2nd Annual Miami Gardens Wine & Food Experience, Saturday November 12th from 7pm to Midnight at Calder Casino, located just north of the New Miami Stadium and City Hall at 21001 NW 27th Avenue.

Last year, Chef Mimi Char-les of Lux Cakery cooked against talented and stiff competition to claim the throne. This year’s competitors include Chef Cecil G, Executive Chef of Juanita’s Kitchen; Chef Anthony Wilson, CEO of Star Catering and Events and everyone’s favorite firehouse chef, Chef Manny FD, winner of Cutthroat Kitchen Chef of The Firehouse Kitchen and national Masterchef top 20.

“Last year’s event was so exciting from beginning to end. To watch these professionals focus on their craft and skillfully execute the task before them was inspiring and extremely entertaining. The best part is that the City is able to provide a platform for exposure. They are all winners in my book. But only one can take the title of Miami Gardens MasterChef.” – Councilwoman Lisa Davis.

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