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SEIU members and community advocates showed up in force

SEIU3SEIU members and community advocates showed up in force

From the SEIU

SEIU members and community advocates showed up in force last week for healthcare, determined to be heard by their representatives. Our members know that losing healthcare truly is a matter of life and death for many Americans.

With the disastrous Senate vote looming on a bill that would take healthcare from 22 million, Florida residents shared their difficult and heart-breaking stories of why solid health insurance makes all the difference.

In Fort Lauderdale, Tonya spoke about her son and grand-son (her remarks begin at 4:10 on the video), who both have hemophilia—a hereditary dis-order that reduces the body’s ability to clot blood. Without expensive medicine her grand-son and others like him can die or be severely crippled by this disease. Just this year, her son cut his foot on some glass. What would have required a bandaid for others sent him to the emergency room for a dose of medicine that cost over $50,000 dollars. Without healthcare ensured by the ACA, Americans like Tonya’s grandson and son don’t stand a chance.

In Tampa, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale, our people rallied because they know Americans shouldn’t face premiums that are $1,000 of dollars higher; people with pre-existing conditions deserve coverage, not death; and our nation’s children and elderly people are entitled to decent care.

Keep calling your Senators at (866) 426-2631 and stay tuned for more actions urging the Senate to vote no on healthcare repeal. Sign up now so you can be on the front lines defending healthcare!


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