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Serena Williams hails as the queen of tennis in third WTA win

Serena-WilliamsSerena Williams hails as the queen of tennis in third WTA win

Reported by Nigel Boys

Although she’s now 33-years-old, which is considered by some to be advanced in her game, Serena Williams is again the No.1 ranked player of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA).

Some believed that Williams was finally starting to fade, especially since she didn’t have a good start against Simona Halep last Wednesday, but she came back to claim her fifth WTA Finals title in Singapore. She proved her critics wrong once again on Sunday by beating Halep 6-3, 6-0 although Halep had been the victor four days earlier with a win of 6-0, 6-2.

Maybe Williams was holding back for the final event or she responded as usual when she knew that the prize could be hers, but she beat Halep in the last match of the season in Singapore’s BNP Paribas WTA Final, without seeming to break into much of a sweat.

It took Williams just 69 minutes to win her third, consecutive year-end title over Halep, who is her junior by 10 years. Williams appeared in her first WTA championship 10 years and one day before the Romanian was born.

After the battle, Williams said that at first she had been nervous facing Halep again, only four days after her defeat by the Romanian who had been playing so well. She continued that she told herself that she had nothing to lose, so just relax. Once she did this, she started playing better and making the shots against her younger opponent, she added.

Williams went on to say that she knew Halep was capable of playing really well and she had started out to do just that in their second match. She added that she then asked herself if she really wanted to win and when she realized that she did, she just knew she had to play better and did what it took to claim the prize.

Williams had been forced to withdraw from a quarterfinal match against Samantha Stosur in Beijing, China earlier this month on account of a gimpy knee. She added that although she had been unsure if she would play in the recent competition, she had again walked away with the Billy Jean King Trophy which was an amazing feeling.



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