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Why African-Americans are in desperate need of mortgage help

Why African-Americans are in desperate need of mortgage help ...

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114th Congress welcomes more women, African-Americans than ever before

On recently when the 114th Congress convenes, it will contain more women and minorities than ever before. ...

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African American’s own less than 1 percent of farms today

Today, African Americans own less than 1 percent of farms in the U.S.; and in 1910, nearly one million African-American farmers owned 15 million acres of land. By 1969 that number decreased to 6 million acres of land. ...

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An African American voice on Israel and Gaza

We as African Americans simply could not remain silent when word broke of the Israeli bombings of Gaza ...

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Should African Americans continue to eat red meat?

The Fourth of July has approached us and most Americans are going to break out the grill and hot dogs, hamburgers and those juicy T-bone steaks will be on the menu ...

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Over 1000 congregations are preparing for HIV Testing in The Our Church Lights The Way Campaign

The Balm In Gilead is appealing to ALL congregations of every faith and background to host an HIV Testing Event at some point during the month of June, in support of National HIV Testing Day ...

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Blacks Want Better TV Shows – or Do They?

Nearly all African-Americans polled – 97 percent – say they are unhappy with the Black TV programs currently on air. Seventy-five percent say they want more documentaries, ...

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Alimi Ballard: Actor, Activist

In a weekly series about the Black AIDS Institute’s Greater Than AIDS ambassadors, Alimi Ballard is using his VIP status in Black America to increase awareness of HIV/AIDS and HIV testing and treatment. ...

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