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Black men returned to the job market in April

The Black unemployment rate ticked down from 8.9 percent in March to 8.8 percent in April and Black men showed gains in the labor market, according to the latest jobs report from the Labor Department. ...

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Black men show job gains

The unemployment rate for Blacks fell from 11.4 percent to 11 percent and the labor force participation increased from 61 percent in August to 61.7 percent in September, largely because of short-term gains made by Black men, according to the latest jobs report from the Labor Department. ...

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Wages up for Black men, down for Black women

Wages up for Black men, down for Black women ...

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Black men show little signs of progress in 40 years

Black men are no better off than they were more than 40 years ago, due to mass incarceration and job losses suffered during the Great Recession, according to a new report by researchers at the University of Chicago. ...

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The state of Black men

Today, we simply want to provide an overview and begin to point to some answers ...

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HIV infections increasing in urban Black men

About 72 percent of new HIV infections in this age group occur in men who have sex with men, and 57 percent occur among African Americans. ...

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Substance abuse fuels incarceration rates for Black men

A recent study reports that treating substance abusers, especially African Americans, could save the nation billions of dollars at a time when all eyes are glued to debates over how to solve the country’s national debt. ...

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What’s killing gay Black men in America?

The epidemic is so ferocious among American Black gay and bisexual men it rivals those seen in sub-Saharan African countries that are hardest hit by the virus that causes AIDS. HIV/AIDS is literally killing the future of gay Black men, robbing men of quality of life and America of future leaders. ...

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Getting heterosexual Black men involved in HIV prevention

Read any report on HIV in Black America, attend any HIV conference or look up at an HIV prevention billboard and it’s clear who is most impacted by this epidemic in the U.S. ...

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