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Did Nicki Minaj really endorse Mitt Romney? Maybe not.

 By Maria Puente, USA TODAY If Nicki Minaj thought she'd send the political world and the blogosphere into an incredulous swoon with her profane "endorsement" of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, well, she was right. Bloggers and politicos have been swooning for hours today and they're still no closer to determining whether Minaj is really for Mitt, or whether it's just another ironic stunt by ...

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Romney did Obama a huge favor

In a classic "Saturday Night Live" sketch, Christopher Walken plays a music producer with just one message for his bands: "More cowbell! I gotta have more cowbell!" ...

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Young and restless booty popping

Forget about the Young and the Restless, this week in the Rundown we feature the trials, tribulations, the idiocy, and the utterly bizarre engagements of the Young ...

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Are Republicans afraid of Black journalists? It appears that they are

The Republican National committee and GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney have rejected invitations to attend the National Association of Black Journalists’ convention this year. ...

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President Obama speaking in Florida on immigration

In 2012, the Hispanic community has the potential to help determine which presidential candidate will win the election. In Florida 13 percent of the registered voters are Hispanic and 13 percent of the registered voters are Black. ...

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Mitt Romney reasoning for wanting to keep the same failed policies of the past

I will start with the bottom line and the reasoning of Mitt Romney’s policy decisions. The Senate Republican party refuses to agree to bi-partisanship with the House Democrats on President Obama white House Policies. It is no wonder it is said that the President has done nothing to change the old way of doing business in congress. ...

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Mitt Romney is like the joke that never ends

Mitt Romney has got to be the absolute worse excuse for a politician ever. His endless gaffes, his mechanical personality, his lack of knowledge about what is really going on in the world of politics, and his inability to connect with ordinary people have all been the things, and will continue to be the things that political junkies ...

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Donald Duck’ Trump and which Romney

The mere sight of Mitt Romney tends to make my eyes roll, my blood pressure boil, my skin crawl, and the crack of my butt itch, but lately he has ignited a level of rage inside of me that I never knew that I had. I have grinded my teeth nearly down into stumps because for months now ...

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