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Did Nicki Minaj really endorse Mitt Romney? Maybe not.

 By Maria Puente, USA TODAY If Nicki Minaj thought she'd send the political world and the blogosphere into an incredulous swoon with her profane "endorsement" of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, well, she was right. Bloggers and politicos have been swooning for hours today and they're still no closer to determining whether Minaj is really for Mitt, or whether it's just another ironic stunt by ...

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CARROLL DELIVERS FLORIDA FOR ROMNEY After asking for a moment of silence to honor the people affected by HurricaneIsaac, Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll on Tuesday delivered Florida's 50 delegatevotes to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. "Florida is theSunshine State --- well, most times,'' Carroll said during a roll call ofstates at the Reicanpubl National Convention in Tampa. She also borrowed a pa ...

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The business of politics

The modern political party system in the United States is dominated by the Democratic and Republican parties. It’s important that Black Americans recognize that neither of these parties have helped us to gain political equity. Supposedly the purpose of political parties is to bring people together who hold similar points of view about government. ...

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