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Beasts with badges

Every single African American living in the United States of America has a family member, a coworker, a friend, or a neighbor that has been the victim of law enforcement misconduct. ...

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Sleeping with the military enemy

Americans were fooled about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and it appears as though the government is trying to fool people about chemical weapons use in Syria. ...

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Devilish organization

50th anniversary of the March on Washington came away with a common theme, organization. ...

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What is a Friends

Well, if true love is hard to find, finding true friends is even harder! ...

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Thoughts at large

Thoughts at large ...

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Race card Romney

Romney will ever be but, no disrespect, the President is a good Negro! ...

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The devil is a lair

An excerpt from a Gantt Report was selected a few years ago to be displayed at the United States National Freedom Museum in the “Freedom of Speech” section. ...

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