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State of emergency for Black Colleges

In addition to the financial strains on HBCUs, prospective students are finding it harder to scrape up the money to enroll ...

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Don’t repeat the shutdown

How can you make the argument for spending cuts or rally against spending on a law that would actually reduce the deficit and ensure healthcare for all Americans and at the same time support a shutdown that cost the economy $24 billion… ...

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Washington football team should drop the “R” word

It is time for Washington’s NFL team to stop using a racial slur and to finally change its name.” ...

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Lessons of ‘The Butler’ still relevant today

Hollywood has historically shied away from more serious Black, historical themed movies, believing they have limited box-office appeal. ...

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New Fed chair needs to back main street

New Fed chair needs to back main street ...

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Voting is a fundamental right, not an ‘entitlement’

Voting “rights” are indeed that – a right ...

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The Empowerment of Women

The Empowerment of Women ...

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Whitney Young: Mr. Inside

Whitney Young: Mr. Inside ...

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Black leaders announce recommendations

Black leaders announce recommendations ...

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