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The challenge with Ben Carson?

Don-At-WorkThe challenge with Ben Carson?

By Don Valentine

Assume you have the acumen to be a rational voter. Next, ask yourself why you would think it rational to alienate 13 percent of all voters by running on the Republican ticket. It is well known that most of the Black voters are in the Democratic camp. This shows the political naiveté of Dr. Carson.

I would trust Dr. Carson to be my Mother’s neurosurgeon. It makes no sense, as brilliant as he is, to presume he has the experience to be the leader of the free world. No major company such as Disney, Walmart, or Google would select a C.E.O. with no ancillary experience in that field. Dr. Car-son’s surge in the polls this fall will not reflect his standings in 12 months. The paucity of political experience will overwhelm the novelty of his message.

Even if he had chosen the Democratic Party his resume would only qualify at best for a State office. According to the International Business Times there has never been a President without either Political or high level military experience. There is no room for an internship as the President of United States. Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina face the hurdle. On that side note, Trump will continue to show he is not polished enough for world politics.

It is no accident that the junior Senator from Illinois received so much enthusiasm to run for President. Like Dr. Carson he was an educational luminary. The difference is that one was a Constitutional Scholar and not a neurosurgeon. President Obama was a lawyer, State Senator and articulate Freshman Senator before he ran for office. There is your problem with Dr. Ben Carson; he does not have the political tenure to run.

Don Valentine Free Lance Writer, U.C. Berkeley ’89 B.S. Psychology, McGeorge Law School J.D. ‘92

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