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The Havana Cuba All-Stars performed at the Kravis Center

the-havana-cuba-all-starThe Havana Cuba All-Stars performed at the Kravis Center

By Malik A. Azeez     

The Havana Cuba All-Stars (THCAS) gave a phenomenal performance on Saturday, Nov. 26, 2016, from 8:07-10:18 p.m., at the Kravis Center, entitled. Coming directly from Havana, Cuba, their U.S. tour is called “The Asere Friendship Tour”. The band is comprised of 11 members, which are among Cuba’s greatest and most prominent musicians, who draw their inspiration from traditional Cuban Son. THCAS all-around performance embodied remarkable mastery of contemporary son, chachacha rhythms, guaguanco, son-montuno and great son-rumba music. Moreover, the unending rhythmic intensity, fire, power, beautiful ballads and first-class professsionalism was amazing.

Next, the band showcased a wide range of musical instruments, excellent vocals and classic songs. Some of the instruments were the following: congas, timbales, bongos, bells, violins, guitars, maracas, trumpets, a trombone and a bass guitar. While the overall program was two sets, and included these outstanding songs: Corazon; Vengan Todos a Bailar El Son; Cacha Cha Cha Cha; El Cantante; La Flor Y La Hoja Seca; Decir Asere; Tumbao Sangreao; Palo Santo; Luz Que No Alumbra; Habanera and Descarga Asere.

In sum, THCAS gave a phenomenal, soul-moving and masterful performance with “Cuban Nights”. The band accentuated the multi-faceted tapestry of Cuban rhythms and music. Ever present were the infectious sounds of Cuban Son, chachacha, guaguanco, son-montuno, son-rumba, the unique Asere sound and the Cuban musical tradition of the Descarga. Additionally, THCAS have recorded the following albums: “Cuban Soul, 1998”; “Destinos, 2005”;” Junio Grove, 2010” and “A Favor del Viento, 2016”. THCAS original name was Asere.

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