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The medical gap or donut hole could possibly be dangerous to all patients

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

The medical gap or donut hole could possibly be dangerous to all patients

By Dr. Phillip L. Wright Ph.D.

      How does a  donut hole or Medical Gap affect the Elderly when it is applied by a Health Care organization and mandated by the Pharmaseutical Industry? I have become extremely alarmed, disturbed and in disbelief about what our United States congress is in support of what happens  to elderly American seniors facilitated by Health Care companies and mandated by way of the Pharmaseutical Industries. Many of our congress men and women who may be some of the stock holders in the Prescription drug Industries are probably getting rich with the overpriced prescription drugs.

If the pharmaceutical Industries were to lower their prices for these drugs, it would also lower the stock holder’s capital gains income from their stock. I am sure that they are aware of what the effects caused to the patients who have been prescribed these RX drugs by a Medical doctor, but unable to obtain them due to the donut hole and the medical gap. The cause and effects would not benefit stock holders capital gains income.

They are supporting the Pharmaseutical Industries to force higher drug prices on our elderly citizens who are ill and really need specific prescription medications to manage their medical conditions. More so, it could prevent their survival. In some cases seniors or others who are ill and must take certain drugs to live may become more aggressively ill enough to die.

Their deaths would be one of the cause and effects of the Medical Gap and donut whole facilitated. These elderly and medically ill patients are unable to afford paying for the high prices for the prescription drugs that fall into the medical gap or what is called the donut hole. This could also be called institutionalized price gauging. This type of action could very well be called  Genocide, but no persons associated with our American Institutions may not want to hear this word of truth spoken openly. Their reasoning for that attitude is that they are aware that it is killing American senior citizens and some other sick or gravely ill patients. These actions are facilitated by greed for the American dollar by some American stock holders And the Pharmaseutical Industry. All American citizens who take prescribed medications for your illnesses must speak out united, to be heard by our leaders in congress and those who are in communication professions who can spread the word in the newspapers, radio and on television.

We must all fight to create laws to stop the Medical Gap and the Donut Hole actions mandated and initiated by the Pharmaseutical Industries and carried out by the American Health Care companies, they are passing higher drug prices on to the sick and the critically ill patients who need these prescription drugs.  Congress men and women, let us fix this action that could be considered genocide. This should not be a part of the American Institutionalize society, and it is not of GOD.



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