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There is a “Sucker” born every minute!

Don-At-WorkThere is a “Sucker” born every minute!

 By Don Valentine

Let me propound this famous quote by P.T. Barnum, to say Trump maybe playing the American people for Suckers.  The astute observers are coming to the conclusion that Trump’s bombastic, narcissistic racist persona is just an act. It is now being argued by many of the T.V. show pundits that his original ultimate plan is working out better than he anticipated.  Welcome, Trump T.V. to your local cable network.

The real gambit was to reintroduce his brand into the populace nomenclature. His prediction was that his xenophobic, racist personal would resonate with a large enough base then he could go to part B of the plan.  This would be to launch an Oprah like cable platform to placate his sycophants. His core “Blue-Collar” supporters can’t afford his hotel properties. Advertisers realize that if the supporters tune in for more of Trump’s message they have transactions to sale product.  That group of people shop at WalMart and buy burgers at Mc-Donalds.

The Donald, I posit, played the U.S. public for “Chumps”.  He never wanted to be President.  In fact it is reported by Politico that he offered full control of domestic and foreign policy as a carrot for candidates he interviewed for Vice President. As you may know those are the primary responsibilities of the position of “P.O.T.U.S.”  Not to mention the base pay is not comparable to what Trump could make owning a successful cable channel.

Consider his foundation of lieutenants. Let me elucidate, Roger Ailes the founder of Fox news is a key member on Trump’s team. In addition former Breitbart News executive Stephen Bannon, is his campaign C.E.O.  It should be noted Bannon is an advocate of the “Alt-Rt”. Now the cards are placed on the table for Trump T.V. to invade your home.  Enjoy your viewing!

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