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ULBC celebrates 40th Anniversary by launching ‘Breaking the Cycle’ Campaign

Leonard-Gainey-and-MargaretULBC celebrates 40th Anniversary by launching ‘Breaking the Cycle’ Campaign

Founding President of the Broward County Urban League, Margaret L. Roach and the first Executive Director, Leonard Gainey II.

By Alica Brown

      FORT LAUDERDALE, FL –  The Urban League of Broward County (ULBC) is celebrating 40 years of serving the community by breaking the cycle of poverty for tens of thousands of local people who had been held back by crippling economic and social factors.

For decades, the ULBC has worked with many community partners to cut poverty by improving economic stability and uplifting struggling individuals and families by providing them access to life-changing employment and education opportunities and quality housing and health care services.

Just look at what the organization has accomplished in recent years:

— In past decades, ULBC has helped 20,000 youth enter school ready to learn, graduate, and be prepared for college and careers.

— Since 2010, ULBC has assisted 2,000 families in our workforce development program connect to living wage jobs.

— Since 2010, ULBC has helped 200 families become new homeowners and has saved $4.5 million in mortgage payments through loan modification and home foreclosure expenses.

— And since 2010, ULBC has assisted 6,000 pregnant women receive health care education and services.

In celebrating four decades of service, the organization has launched the “Breaking the Cycle” campaign to encourage members of the community to donate, volunteer and take a pledge to support the ULBC’s initiatives aimed at creating a fair shot at upward mobility for many more individuals and families.

“Our 40th anniversary is really our community’s celebration as we have worked with our entire community to become the leading provider of services for children, families, seniors, veterans and young professionals – serving more than 7,000 people every single year,” said Germaine Smith-Baugh, Ed.D., president and CEO of ULBC.

Over the years, ULBC has been involved in many of Broward County’s most important milestones related to the fight for equality, justice and prosperity for all. That included:

*  1978: Participating in the landmark federal housing discrimination study, “Salt and Pepper Teams,” which showed that three of four Blacks had been discriminated when looking for housing.

* 1996: Launching the 33311 Community Development Initiative which was intended to improve conditions in the mostly depressed, unincorporated area in the Sistunk Corridor, known at one point as one of the nation’s worst areas for children to grow up.

* 2000: Creating the county-wide Achievement Matters Campaign, an educational accountability initiative focused on increasing the graduation rates among students.

*  2012: ULBC opening the Community Empowerment Center as its new headquarters providing more space for programming and community meetings.

“While there have been many triumphs over poverty, Broward County still has a long way to go,” Dr. Smith-Baugh said. There are many more people looking for decent jobs, affordable housing, a chance at college, and better medical care. With more support from the public, the ULBC can expand programs and create more opportunity for the people of Broward County.

Dr. Smith-Baugh added: “I know our community can do even more together to reduce juvenile arrests, foreclosure, infant mortality, and so many other poverty-related factors. Our entire community will benefit when we break the cycle of poverty — together.”

Learn more about the ULBC “Breaking the Cycle” campaign by visiting:


About Urban League of Broward County

Celebrating 40 years of service, the Urban League of Broward County is a not for profit organization founded to empower communities and change lives. Our mission is to assist African Americans and other dis-enfranchised groups in the achievement of social and economic equality. Our “Breaking the Cycle” programs uplift more than 7,000 people every year through affordable housing initiatives, youth development and diversion, employment and training, community empowerment, and civic engagement. We are hosting the National Urban League 2015 Annual Conference on July 31-Aug. 1 in Fort Lauderdale. Learn more about the Urban League of Broward County by visiting:

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