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We are our brothers keepers

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

We are our brothers keepers

Written by Dr. P. L. Wright Ph.D.

Young people, you must stop to breathe your own air and listen to the elders who have already lived long enough to become elders, and have been where you are going. What they have learned they are able to teach you something. It does not mean that you do not know anything, but what it does mean is, the longer you are given time to live and listen to elders, by the Grace of GOD, you will learn to know about your Devine inner spirit, and other things that many other young people may not have yet been able to find out for themselves. You have the chance right now to take the opportunity in time to listen to your divine inner spirit and an elder, and ask questions too. You will be so grateful of what you can, and what you may learn for yourself as time goes by. One day you will create other lives that will have to find their own way as you have done and you are still doing.

Those lives will also be one with his or her own divine inner spirit. They will be able to learn through their transcendental STATE OF MIND AND Devine inner spirit and what they can learn from an elder. You will be so glad that you took the time to listen, learn and understand from an elder AND THE DEVINE inner SPIRIT WITHIN YOURSELF. Your children are ONE WITH THEIR OWN DEVINE inner SPIRIT THAT will guide them ON TO LEARN

FOR THEMSELVES. The same divine inner spirit WITHIN WILL TEACH THEM RIGHT FROM WRONG. They will always be one with their own Devine inner spirit. We are truly our Brothers Keepers on this earth.

Remember these words, and remember these sad and horrific things that are happening to many young lives today. Some of these incidents did happen in the past all over the world, but in a different way than what is happening today, and before you were born. These incidents have been a part of all of our lives already. In some instances, it has happened to our friends, brothers, Sisters, Fathers, Uncles, aunts, and others we knew. You must make it a point to listen to your Devine inner spirit and your elders while you are still young and when you are older too. Share your Love, and pray for, and help each other along the way in life. Remember, “Stop, look and listen to your Devine inner spirit as well as an elder, but be slow to speak first.

Remember, “We are truly our Brothers Keepers” as it is written in the word.



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