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Why did Channel 7 TV neglect to mention Betty Wright on the Pitbull 2015 New Years celebration?

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Why did Channel 7 TV neglect to mention Betty Wright on the Pitbull 2015 New Years celebration?

By Dr. P. L. Wright Ph.D.

     Many times I have wondered why when channel 7 television has the opportunity to highlight some of their native Miami famed Afro American musical celebrity artists on screen, they don’t. Why is it whenever Grammy Award winner and R&B recording artist Betty Wright appears on channel 7 TV, why many times her name is not mentioned or her face not shown on screen? Last night on the Bayside celebration of the Pitbull show, many others would like to have known she would be appearing so they could show up to watch her great performance in person. Once again there seemed to be a neglect to mention her name as one of the artists to appear for the 2015 New Years celebration. What message does this give? How do you think this looks? What does this mean to the Afro American community and the city of Miami and its’ International famed artists like Betty Wright? When it comes to respecting Grammy Award winning celebrities like Betty Wright, why is there a neglect to mention her name ?. What is this all about? There is also another tid bit of historical information that I can recall that I am trying to understand as well.

During the 1950s Deep City Records, and 60s, TK record Productions had music on the National and International music charts frequently in the Bill Board music magazine top 10 or number 1.

It became so often and wellknown that it was written about in many city and state news papers and called the Miami Sound created by the musicians and recording artists of Miami and recorded in Hialeah, and who just happen to be largely Afro American. However, today in 2015, the category of Miami Sound has been taken over by Gloria Estefan organization as if they actually created it before the TK Record company family of writers, singers, and musicians. We must remember, and begin to give recognition to those who created the history, and who have made it possible for the new commers to gain fame and become recognized  for what they do and what they create, and not ignore and ride on the backs of the previous native famed celebrities. Betty Wright was Gloria Estefans’ voice coach during her upcoming celebrity status, while she and her sister and older brother also sang on Coming Out of the Dark with Gloria Estefan. Let us not erase our native Miami Afro American famed music artists history, but let us embrace them for their historical contributions to the music business whenever we have the chance. This is not any disrespect to native born Cubans Gloria Estefan and Pitt-Bull and their  contributions in music.


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