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Will the Junior Senator from Florida become president?

Don-At-WorkWill the Junior Senator from Florida become president? 

By Don Valentine   

Get your taste buds acclimated to the eventual Republican presidential ticket of Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.  This scribe is not wise enough to be a prognosticator on the success of this ticket.  For general conversation, I will posit that Rubio will attach himself as the V.P. on the Bush ticket. Rubio is a 42-year-old first term Senator and son of a Cuban immigrant. He would do well to ride the political coat tails of the Bush footprint.

Consider that his mentor in politics is a two term governor and legacy of the second most powerful family in politics next to the Kennedy regime.  This is an easy lay-up for Rubio to hone his political posture for a serious run in three-four presidential terms. Twelve years down the road as a former Vice President Rubio would be 56 years old. He would be well acclimated to lead the country during its next challenges.

The bulk of the country is not ready to go from the first African American President to consecutively elect the first Latino President. Rubio does not currently have the “Lightning in a bottle” charisma that our current President possessed. In the future the Latino population will have surpassed people that look like the current President. This is a well-played move by Senator Rubio. I would suggest for fun ask Senator Ted Cruz what he thinks about the Rubio strategy.

For our community this forecast is not fortuitous. To date, Rubio has come out as an ardent opponent to Obama-care. He has constantly criticized the President on his domestic economic policy. Keep in mind that the stock market has grown to a consistent record level. The unemployment level has been below 6.5 percent for months. The economy has reversed from the area the former Republican administration left in place.

Rubio is a vocal critic of the Ad-ministration’s foreign policy. He has not endorsed the appointment of the first African American Attorney General.  I’m curious how much sensitivity he will give to issues for our community?

Don Valentine, Free Lance Writer, U.C. Berkeley ’89 B.S. Psychology, McGeorge Law School J.D. ‘92

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