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12 Years a Board Member

Trails in the Sand by Peter Traceit: The Street Detective

Peter Traceit knows a familiar smell even if the name changes. Governor DeSatan signed House Bill 1467 into law which imposes term limits on School Board members in the 67 school districts in Florida. There are Board members in Broward who have 12 already but lucky for them, the clock doesn’t start ticking until after the November 2022 election cycle concludes. If re-elected three more times for a four year term, they could possibly serve 24 years on the school Board.

Ten+ years Broward Board members, Nora Rupert, District 7 and Donna Korn, at large, Seat 8 are each trying to recapture their seat on the Board, but it seems unlikely for one or both for a variety of reasons. The Grand Jury report is set to be released in about 10 days. A teaser dropped last week alleging that there will be recommendations to remove multiple board members and criminal changes could be filed for one or more of them. Word on the streets is Korn is sweating like a street girl in church and Rupert seems oblivious to what might be her demise.

Korn was noticeably quiet as Superintendent Cartwright opened up the Board meeting with her infamous, “I am not a racist” rant. Unlike the rest of the Board members who spoke to their disagreement to what was happening with the organization chart, Korn was tight lipped. Yet, she voted alongside  the Nine to approved the racist organization chart.

Korn continues with her awkward performance. The South Broward Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority hosted a Connect and Elect forum with School Board Candidates on Monday, June 27.

Rupert appeared her normal self. Professing to be under the weather, yet choosing to soldier on for the cause. Street Detective has noticed that she seems to have a cough or two recovering from some ailment or unknown medical procedure, yet she shows up to show the people she is committed. Girl bye.

Rupert’s opponent, Merceydes Morassi pointed out that she has been in office for 12 years and the very same campaign promises she made a dozen years ago remain unfulfilled. She called Rupert out on the neglect of schools in poor communities in the Pompano area and labeled her as being a career politician. Morassi, a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) , licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) and an adjunct professor of psychology believes her expertise and experience provides her with a unique perspective for the job of Board member. She believes that the Board is out of control and her perspective and expertise are desperately needed.

But the real Fourth of July fireworks were sparked when Korn took center stage with 18-year old challenger, Raymond Adderly, and a second opponent, Mourice Hylton. These gentlemen did a WWF takedown on the incumbent. Korn was a fish out of water on every question and though she had a painted on smile like a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, she was being dragged down the middle of Sistrunk Boulevard and put on display for her inadequacies.

Adderly spoke eloquently on lead questions and challenged Korn’s commitment and competence on the 30 second rebuttals. Hylton often nodded his head vigorously in agreement with Adderly and found additional points to levy onto the public flogging.

While I hate to agree with DeSatan, It is obvious that 12 years is enough. Put these two out of their misery and send them packing in August.

Peter Traceit was searching and dragging through the sands but couldn’t find the School Board’s savior  Dr. Oz. It appears that Koran and Rupert could have need of her.

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