Census Bureau Unveils 2020 Census Communications Campaign Platform

     As promotional and outreach activities are ramping up across the nation ahead of the 2020 Census — from establishing local and state complete count committees, to diverse partners coming together to reduce the undercount of children and other hard to count populations — today the U.S. Census Bureau announced its long-planned communications campaign platform: “Shape your future. START HERE.” […]


Bernie Sanders – Mysterious and maybe dangerous

     Bernie is indeed a deep-rooted Socialist. In fact, many may argue that he is a Communist. He was an admirer of the history of the Soviet Union. How do you do that without embracing the deeds of Nicholai Lenin and Josef Stalin – two of the most notorious dictators/mass murderers the world has ever known? […]

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The Tax Surprise

when it comes to taxes, much of the public hears what it wants to hear. If someone says that there will be a cut and they can provide minimal evidence to that effect, such an argument can be a winner. Even when one demonstrates that it is a lie, the possibility of tax relief serves as a seductive song that softens the brain. […]