Umpqua Bank rejects $2 million from Black owner seeking to pay off mortgage — but takes offer from white male buyer

     This forced Ms. Kihagi to pay the demanded amount plus daily interest. The funds – close to $2 million – were wired on April 5, 2019. Three days later, Umpqua returned the money as rejected, stating they had been shorted a small amount and that they would not accept payment unless Ms. Kihagi signed the extorting deal she rejected. […]

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Professor Dr. Michael Eric Dyson Launches “Conversation Peace,” His First-Ever Tour of HBCUs

     “Conversation Peace” is designed to illuminate the historical and current relationship between African Americans and Jews and spur spirited discussion and dialogue among student guests. The “Conversation Peace” HBCU tour is a presentation of the Philos Project, a national organization part of whose vision and objective is to reach young people—notably future Black thought-leaders—to stronger alliances and foster a better understanding of Israel and geo-political issues. […]