Congresswoman Wilson Leads Delegation Letter Urging White House to  Waive or Suspend Bahamian Visa Requirements

In light of the unprecedented devastation Hurricane Dorian has wrought on the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and the ensuing humanitarian crisis, we write to respectfully request that your administration provide additional assistance by waiving or suspending certain visa requirements to facilitate the reunification of Bahamians with U.S. relatives. […]


Black Mental Health & Criminal Justice Reform

The yearly summit, held at the JW Marriot Turnberry Miami Resort and Spa, brings together a broad swathe of African American men—from CEOS to first-year college students—for four days of professional and personal development sessions, such as Mind. Body. Spirit. — How Black Men Can Survive the Trauma and Thrive, which focused on the mental health of Black men and the need for Criminal Justice Reform. […]

Arts & Culture

 Cornelius Robinson Coffey

       Cornelius R. Coffey was the first African American to establish an aeronautical school in the United States.  His school was also the only non-university affiliated aviation program to become part of the Civilian Pilot Training Program (CPTP).  His pioneering efforts led to the integration of African American pilots into the American aviation industry. […]