Fannie Lou Hamer Died of Untreated Breast Cancer

     While Black women get breast cancer at a lower rate than white women, we are 42 percent more likely to die from it. And young Black women, those under 35, are twice as likely as white women to get breast cancer, and three times as likely to die from it. Black women are also three times as likely as white women to get triple-negative breast cancer, an especially aggressive form of breast cancer.  […]

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Environmental Justice Advocates Say Climate Change isn’t a ‘White Thing’

     “Far too often it is our communities – Black and Brown communities – that are not prepared enough, resilient enough, or adaptive enough when climate disasters hit,” Mabson said. “We look at the devastating impacts from Hurricane Katrina, and more recently Hurricane’s Maria, Harvey, and Dorian, and we see communities that look like ours, nearly destroyed,” she said. […]

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Four Questions for Converse CEO G. Scott Uzzell 

     As president and CEO of Converse, Inc., Uzzell leads all aspects of the business, globally. He has recently overseen the company’s successful return to the basketball category across product, marketplace and sponsorships, after a 10-year hiatus from the sport. On Friday, he will elaborate on FAMU’s impact on his career and life. His wife is also a FAMU alumnus.  […]

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Why are Americans so confused about the meaning of “Democratic Socialism”?

     The meaning of democratic socialism―a mixture of political and economic democracy―should be no mystery to Americans.  After all, socialist programs have been adopted in most other democratic nations.  And, in fact, Americans appear happy enough with a wide range of democratic socialist institutions in the United States, including public schools, public parks, minimum wage laws, Social Security, public radio, unemployment insurance, public universities, Medicare, public libraries, the U.S. postal service, public roads, and high taxes on the wealthy. […]