National News

Federal Court Blocks Trump Asylum Ban from Being Applied to Thousands of Asylum Seekers

     “Today’s order will protect the lives of asylum seekers who were forced to endure extreme hardship while waiting in dangerous border cities for months for their chance to seek asylum in the United States,” said Erika Pinheiro, AOL director of litigation and policy. “These asylum seekers have a deep commitment to following our laws in seeking protection, and we are relieved to see that their decision to follow our government’s instructions to wait in Mexico will not prejudice their chances for relief.” […]

National News

Being a Black Veteran isn’t Always Happy

America is in love with its veterans. That’s the way it should be. Veterans who served in our military to provide security and a safe future for our citizens. Veterans who were and are willing to sacrifice their own lives to protect the lives of American citizens. These are our heroes and we should respect and appreciate the sacrifices they make for us.  However, the love and bravery they show is not always appreciated. […]

Local News

Got Drive

On Saturday, November 23, 2019, New Alkebulan STEM Education Center concluded its 12 week “Got Drive” project by hosting a community STEM day and Presentation of Learning. Displaying their knowledge of history, psychology, math and science, students ranging from ages 5-11 took the stage and presented an advanced understanding of each subject. Directed by Cheryl Irving, for the past 3 months the group has studied the dynamics of drive & physics as it relates to mechanics and engineering in comparison to the way that the same elements affect our mental psyche and even social movements. Adhering to the center’s motto “Creating Creators” the students, with the help of parents and community volunteers, were able to use what they learned to physically build an operable electric car that they excitedly presented to friends and family on Saturday. […]


Becoming numb to mass shootings

     There is no easy way to avoid becoming numb to mass shootings and random violence. When you read about it or hear about it or witness it nearly every day and you conclude that it will not change, your mind searches for safety. That “safety” plays itself out in our becoming less shocked and—to be blunt—more accepting of the reality that our children may get killed at school or that our family or friends may get shot at a parking lot or by an outraged former employee at any number of facilities. The mind says to us that we cannot exist on a permanent level of tension and anxiety. […]


FDIC and OCC proposals would strip away payday loan rate caps in 16 states and in DC

For most people who either work, receive retirement or other fixed benefits, it seems that your money always goes a lot quicker than it comes. While some economists marvel at Wall Street’s brisk trading and declare that the economy is better than ever, not everyone has been included. On Main Street America, millions of people know that the cost of living is rising faster and higher than their incomes. […]


Bryon Allen’s court case and the miseducation of our community

For those of you who haven’t heard about this case, Byron Allen, CEO of Entertainment Studios, is suing Comcast for $20 billion, for not fairly giving contracts to Black content providers like himself, based on the 1866 civil rights bill that gave Black people the right to fairly be given contracts, both commercial and with the government. The miseducation part falls under the fact that, Byron Allen and others, have to cite a 150 plus year old law, in order to receive fair treatment to do business with commercial and government entities. Had we focused on building our own everything, like every other group does, we’d have our own distribution networks in place and this case and cases like this would have never come up. […]