Educate yourself so you can investigate and learn the right person to vote for on election day, November 8, 2020. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used “big” words in his speeches and sermons, then everyday words behind them to help us learn a new vocabulary. He was teaching us, not coning us. Many politicians use “big” words as “double talk” to keep us from understanding what they are really saying. […]


Vietnam Vet Fighting for the Rights of Black Soldiers

     “They are not in compliance with the law,” stated Merretazon, whose story of the Viet Nam War was highlighted in the 1984 book, “Bloods: Black Veterans of the Vietnam War, An Oral History,” by Wallace Terry. The book was later the inspiration for the 1995 motion picture, “Dead Presidents,” which reviewers called the most powerful depiction of Black veterans in the history of American cinema. […]

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Interactive Comprehensive Map Shows Thousands of Lynchings Throughout American History

     “Before this website, it was impossible to search the web and find an accurate scope of the history of American lynching. The names have always been kept safe but distant, in old archives and scholarly books and dissertations. This site leaves the record open for all Americans, especially high school students who want to learn more than what their textbook has to say,” the site’s authors wrote. […]