National News

Investigation Reveals That Blacks Families Are Still Living on the Plantations in Mississippi

Xanax Online Nz Dr. Antoinette Harrell, known as the “Slavery Detective of the South,” is on a mission to interview and document the oral histories of people who still live on plantations to this very day. Deangelo Manuel and Tyra Climmons, two interns working with Harrell, visited two plantations in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi, interviewing people who still live on plantations. They set out to find out: Why are people still living on plantations? What is keeping them there, and why don’t they move away? […]

Local News

Spady Museum Pays Homage to Local Leaders At 20th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Annual Brunch

Xanax Xr Online      At the 20th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Brunch, held on Jan. 20, Mark Reingold, Esq. was recognized for his nearly 20 years of service to the Spady Museum as a Board Trustee and legal counsel. He began his service on the museum’s advisory board that was formed before the Spady Museum opened. He credited his wife, Susan, for his involvement since she recommended that he learn more about the museum after she heard Museum Founder Vera Farrington speak in 1997. […]


The Humana Foundation’s Strategic Community Investment Program addresses social determinants of health on a local level

     “We are extremely honor-ed to have been chosen by The Humana Foundation as a partner for the EPIC project,” said Rosalyn Frazier, CEO, Broward Community & Family Health Centers. “This investment will provide us with adequate resources to educate, screen, intervene and empower our patient population who are food insecure and impacted by social isolation. It is consistent with our mission and focus on preventive care and health education to promote healthier lifestyles in the communities we serve.” […]

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