A Tribute to a Living Legend: Civil Rights Icon John Lewis

     In 1965, Lewis and fellow activist Hosea Williams led what was planned as a peaceful 54-mile march through Alabama from Selma to Montgomery. The march, a protest of the discriminatory practices and Jim Crow laws that prevented African Americans from voting, would be remembered in history as “Bloody Sunday,” one of the most dramatic and violent in-cidents of the American Civil Rights Movement.  […]


In the Middle of an Election year: Voter suppression

     Voter suppression is one of those factors that can significantly impact election outcomes. Looking toward the presidential election, if voter suppression is to occur, it will likely include Florida, aimed disproportionately at people of color.  These activities now tend to change results in close elections.  The Brennan Center for Justice, a policy and law institute which deals with issues such as voter suppression, explained that this negative trend is growing. […]


Ideology Aside, the Florida Supreme Court Needs a  Black Jurist

     Florida is the nation’s third-largest state with 46 percent of the general population consisting of people of color. Yet, whites comprise 4 out of every 5 judges, and most of them are male. The current makeup of the state Supreme Court is particularly glaring. Five white men now sit on Florida’s high court, and there has not been a Black jurist since Justice Peggy Quince’s term ended on January 8, 2018. […]