Spiritually Speaking

Whenever we come to Satan in biblical study, it pretty much occupies a lot of my attention. I’m always encouraged to know that God’s plan is pretty precise and fairly obvious to those who are looking for His Word. […]


The Impeachment was really just Senators and Lawyers Talking

     Politics has always been about whom is the most articulate, and factual, but the impeachment appeared to be more about talking, and the facts were not important. America heard from 17 witnesses in the House impeachment inquiry, and Democrats in the House are proud of their accomplishment. The House managers had 24 hours to make their case, even though everyone understood what was going to be the outcome in the Senate. […]


Common Sense Tell Us That Some Things Go Together

 A baked potato and butter, fried chicken and hot sauce, crab legs and butter, French fries and ketchup, pig feet and vinegar, a discotheque and disc jockey, movie and popcorn, Sunday morning church service and collection, milk and cereal, vodka and orange juice, missing three car payments and getting  back on your feet/walking, super bowl commercials and betting on the game, not voting and electing TRUMP, Mitch McConnell and  Linsey Graham, and a TRIAL WITH WITNESSES. Fitty-one, (51), cowardly U.S. Republicans Senators voted to have no witnesses in TRUMP’S impeachment trial. […]


Reminder of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights

     Let us start right now to-day to remind our   United States President and our Government Legislators of their oath of office to follow it   and maintain the true meaning of their oath with integrity and honesty, with assurance to continue moving America forward to remain the Greatest nation on this earth according to the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I must first say that most Americans are honest law-abiding citizens. In some case incidents around the United States, there has been deadly force carried out by some American Police killing some Black men, in separate incidents, with Unfounded claims that they were allegedly committing a crime. […]


Commemorating our past starts with cementing our present-day legacy

The obstacles put in place by those that wish to see us disenfranchised – from the Census to the ballot box – only prolong the inevitable changing tide and sentiment of this country. We, the people, have the power and ability to create the change we want to see. It starts with becoming civically engaged and demanding those in power act in our interest by creating policies that bring about fair and equal access to the ballot box and beyond. […]