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Black Swim Team Member Suing Police for Putting Gun to His Head After Mistaking Him for Suspect and Continuing to Detain Him After Realizing They Were Wrong

     According to the statement, Butler “put his hands up, dropped his cell phone, and dropped to his knees. … While one officer handcuffed him, other officers pinned him to the ground by pushing a knee into Jaylan’s back and pressing down on Jaylan’s neck. Another officer then held his gun to Jaylan’s forehead and threatened to ‘blow his [expletive] head off’ if he moved.” […]


Trump Administration Cuts Food Stamps for at Least 700,000 Americans

      The Trump Administration has finalized implementation of new work requirement rules that would cut food stamp benefits for 700,000 Americans. The average food stamp payout is $36 per month. Though the Trump Administration estimates that under 700,000 people will be impacted by their policy changes, the Urban Institute estimates that the new Trump Administration rule changes will cause 3.7 million poor people to lose food stamps.  […]

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DCCC Employs Innovative Game Plan to Increase New Democratic Majority

 “[We] know that voting is an essential right and that expanding access to ballot is good for our democracy,” said Cheri Bustos, who in her role as DCCC chairwoman, heads what serves as the sole official campaign arm of the Democrats in the House of Representatives. “This legal strategy is only more urgent as Re-publicans have been emboldened by President Trump’s baseless and dis-proven claims of voter fraud. We are working to remove barriers to the ballot box and throughout the cycle we are going to keep pushing this work forward. That means devoting serious resources to engaging voters, inspiring them and then making sure they turn out to vote in November.” […]

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Aircraft Carrier Named After Doris Miller 

     Miller fought during the attack on Pearl Harbor after the Japanese surprise attack on the islands on December 7, 1941. Miller was the first African American to receive the Navy Cross for valor, the third highest honor in the Navy. Miller shot an anti-aircraft gun during the attack on Pearl Harbor though he had no training on the gun. He also took care of wounded members of the ship he was on, the U.S.S. West Virginia. […]


Black Life Journeys Matter

     The NNPA began a unique and important partnership with Compassion & Choices to acquire a more in-depth awareness and knowledge about how Black Americans and others are enabled to have a planned, dignified and well thought out, peaceful transition without the sudden unpreparedness that happens too often in many Black American families. […]