VIDEO: Trump Jr. says social media giants that discriminate against conservatives should lose government protections

Months before Donald Trump mused publicly about a plan to “strongly regulate” some social media and other tech platforms “or close them down,” his son said the federal government should begin to withdraw some legal […]


Guy Anthony Wheeler a man whose actions speak louder than words

       Throughout his professional career spanning over three decades Guy Anthony Wheeler has been encouraging folks from all walks of life, ethnic backgrounds, and socio-economic groups to find their greatness from within. By every metric Wheeler has been a success in every field of endeavor he pursued. Whether on the athletic field, in academia, or professionally his record speaks for itself; never seeking the spotlight but shining the spotlight on those in need.  Wheeler yardstick on success is based on helping others to “BE GREAT!” […]


Black Wealth 2020 Sends Plea for Unity in Pandemic Relief

As the U. S. House of Representatives awaits the political fate of another multi-trillion dollar coronavirus relief bill, called the “Heroes Act”, Black Wealth 2020 (BW2020), a national catalyst for economic justice for African Americans, is pressing Congressional leaders to unify for equity for the millions of pandemic victims who have yet to receive it. […]


‘I Cannot Breathe’:

      Police in Minnesota were being accused of killing an unarmed Black man after a viral video showed an officer pinning down a suspect as he repeated that he could not breathe. The Minneapolis Police Department was quick to announce that no weapons were involved in the man’s death it downplayed as a “medical incident,” but the video prompted speculation on social media of a brutality-induced “killing.” […]

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Who opens the church

       Also, it would be a serious risk to the lives of many people as well as communities. I feel that this decision should be left up to the Pastor or Priest and the Lord, not the political leaders. […]

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 The Hate U Give

       About two weeks ago, I watched the movie The Hate U Give with the Pearls of Arts and the Zeta Rho Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Inc.. The movie was about a young  African American girl, who witnessed the death of her best friend while he was shot and killed by a white police officer, even though he was unarmed. […]

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 All good things must come to an end

        School is coming to an end. And still, a lot needs to be done. I have to get all my school work finished and make sure my little sister stays on task. It was hard not having a teacher these last couple of months, but I stayed focus and whenever I needed help my aunt and grandparents were there to assist me. […]