‘I Cannot Breathe’:

      Police in Minnesota were being accused of killing an unarmed Black man after a viral video showed an officer pinning down a suspect as he repeated that he could not breathe. The Minneapolis Police Department was quick to announce that no weapons were involved in the man’s death it downplayed as a “medical incident,” but the video prompted speculation on social media of a brutality-induced “killing.” […]

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Who opens the church

       Also, it would be a serious risk to the lives of many people as well as communities. I feel that this decision should be left up to the Pastor or Priest and the Lord, not the political leaders. […]

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 The Hate U Give

       About two weeks ago, I watched the movie The Hate U Give with the Pearls of Arts and the Zeta Rho Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Inc.. The movie was about a young  African American girl, who witnessed the death of her best friend while he was shot and killed by a white police officer, even though he was unarmed. […]

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 All good things must come to an end

        School is coming to an end. And still, a lot needs to be done. I have to get all my school work finished and make sure my little sister stays on task. It was hard not having a teacher these last couple of months, but I stayed focus and whenever I needed help my aunt and grandparents were there to assist me. […]