800 Americans Stranded in Venezuela

The Covid-19 pandemic in Venezuela has stranded 800 U.S. citizens — who have become political pawns between the Nicolas Maduro regime and the American government. James Story, chargé d’affaires of the U.S .State Department for […]

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What Women’s Suffrage Means to Me!

It is with profound respect and gratitude that I write this lead-in into the remarkable women who have been on the forefront of making things happen here in America. I also understand that even though men play a great part in structuring what occurs, the women, especially the Black woman, were the places where nourishments sprang. Women of all colors played an intricate part in making the fabric of this Country wearable and beautiful ;however, Black women have had to stitch together a quilt made from hand-me-downs and woven them into a miracle blanket to protect all of us from the harshness of a racist and unbalanced system. The Black woman not only gave meaning to life where babies nursed from to gain their strength but also gave to the world their fortitude and the will power to march on. The strength of the Black woman is needed now more than ever to not only bring the country together but to reunite Black families in Black love. Yes, women suffrage was a movement; however, the Black woman’s movement is life. And to those Black women and women whose name may not appear in the annals of history, know that your impressions, your footprints are placed in the hearts and minds of those who cherish you. Carry on in your role as life givers. […]