Happy With Your Status

     Wherever you are, you can leave your city, state or your community and come back there in ten years and find many of your people in the same place, perhaps on the same corners doing what they always have done. […]


She Will Answer

     Our future VP is who she is and where she is because she is driven in her quest for freedom, justice and equality and she is loyal. Senator Harris at times will stop what’s she’s doing to answer a call. I have known California’s first African American woman District Attorney and first African American Attorney General Harris to be this way for her 18-year political career. To make it plain: She is “Kamala Harris For the People.” […]

Local News

YWCA of Palm Beach County Appoints New CEO

YWCA of Palm Beach County announces Shea S. Spencer as new Chief Executive Officer. Ms. Spencer comes to YWCA with over 15 years of nonprofit experience including fundraising and community engagement. For many years, Shea has served her local community and worked to drive support for programs and services surrounding homelessness, food insecurity, education, health, job readiness, entrepreneurship, disadvantaged youth, and low-income initiatives. […]


Sub Seized With Big Stash of Blow

NARINO, Colombia—A trio of Ecuadorans working for a major drug ring in Mexico have been busted in a submarine off the coast of Colombia. Authorities seized a ton of cocaine Sunday and three co-conspirators aboard […]