Local News

100,000 Father Voter’s Pledge Campaign

     Join the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Fatherhood Initiative and Mentoring Committee 100,000 Father Voters’ Pledge Campaign and take your son, grandson, and mentee to the voting poll with you. Please go to  https://oppf.org/father-voters-pledge-campaign/ to complete the pledge form. Revisit the link and post your photo to confirm your vote after you go to the poll. […]

National News

“Truth Be Told: The Policies That Impacted Black Lives”New Exhibition Now Open at Muhammad Ali Center

     Truth Be Told offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the history of Black people in our country that is often left out of, mis-interpreted, or even falsified in our history books. It is critical that the facts of our collective American history be told so that the negative outcomes that these policies produced can be understood, recognized, and amended. […]

National News

Press Room: U.S. Bank donates $5 million to local communities as part of Rebuild and Transform Fund

“Today we are proud to share the details of our philanthropic giving to 10 additional markets across the country that historically experience low economic mobility. We are investing in organizations led by people of color and providing general operating funds because we trust community leaders to know how, when and where to use these funds for the greatest impact,” said Reba Dominski, Chief Social Responsibility Officer for U.S. Bank. […]

National News

As 2020 Debate Schedule is Released, It is Clear Harris Improved Enthusiasm Gap for Biden Campaign

     Over the last few months, Biden has received impressive polling results. More importantly, Biden has done well in polls in states he must win on the electoral map. By September 1, Biden’s polling was solid. Five polls released on September 2, demonstrated the following: Quinnipiac: Biden 52%, Trump 42% (+10), USAT/Suffolk: Biden 50%, Trump 43% (+7), Reuters/Ipsos: Biden 47%, Trump 40% (+7), Grinnell/Selzer: Biden 49%, Trump 41% (+8), Economist/YouGov: Biden 51%, Trump 40% (+11). […]