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City of Hallandale Beach Carter Chosen to Be One of Just 18 ‘Afterschool Ambassadors’ in the Nation This Year

The Afterschool Alliance announced today that Nicole Carter, Youth Services Supervisor, at the City of Hallandale Beach Austin Hepburn Center After School Tutorial Enrichment Program, has been selected to serve as an Afterschool Ambassador for the Afterschool Alliance in 2020-2021. She is one of just 18 leaders in the United States chosen for the honor this year. Afterschool Ambassadors continue their work at local afterschool programs while serving the one-year Afterschool Ambassador term, organizing public events, communicating with policy makers and community leaders, and in other ways increasing awareness and support for afterschool and summer learning programs. […]

Local News

Congressman Al Green (D-TX) Calls for U.S. Department of Reconciliation

     In a live interview with the National Newspaper Publishers Association’s “Let It Be Known” breaking news morning show, and fresh off the historic second impeachment of President Donald Trump, the veteran representative cautioned the audience about settling only for an administration change. “We cannot become so enthralled with the victory that we don’t do everything that we can to reap the rewards that the victory should accord,” Congressman Green explained. […]


Anatomy of America’s Democracy

   Most importantly, all Americans must be fervently aware that our democracy is only as strong as its government remains of, for, and by the people. Trump’s defeat at the polls on Wednesday, November 3, 2020, by the people is the greatest testament that the Anatomy of America’s Democracy remains strong and healthy. […]