112 Year old Black WW2 Veteran Celebrates his Birthday!

     He was born in 1909 in the “Jim Crow/Clan” racist South! What would you like to ask this fine man? Consider in his life he has witnessed massive I.B.M. computers that took up a room, reduced to the size of your hand! He saw Jackie Robinson become the first Black man to play in the M.L.B. In the 80’s he witnessed the birth of the ubiquitous “Internet”. In the span of his 112 years he not only witnessed the first Black U.S. President and the first woman Vice President. Madam V.P. also was a Black! To witness all that you know that Mr. Brooks was a Blessed man. […]


America’s Stench of Systemic Racism Remains Immoral

      Yes! America never fails to live up to its creed of inhumane treatment of Black and Brown people including immigrants. Admittedly, we haven’t hesitated to give the countries of origin of these refugees billions of dollars to keep them from our shores. Yet knowing that these provincial governments will as usually squander the money by way of internal theft and a plethora of crooked schemes. […]

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The Cure for Cancer

     When it comes to taking medical advice from a certified professional, suspicious people tend to respond with, “But they haven’t found the cure to cancer,” to defend their noncompliance. Regardless of the reason, there is some truth in this statement. Despite the many years of widespread donation drives, Cancer is still a real thing. But why? Is there something that these professionals and published scientists are not sharing with the people? […]


Funk legend Rick James honored in new documentary

      When it comes to music, nobody does it better than a Black artist. Over the years Black musicians have made indelible impacts on the way the industry is structured. Our influence has been sprinkled on almost every genre from country to gospel. Funk music is one of the biggest genres we’ve shaped. Throughout history there have been plenty of funk pioneers. We’ve celebrated the groundwork that James Brown laid, in addition to the showmanship and ingenuity that Parliament funkadelic displayed. Thanks to a new documentary “B*tchin: The Sound and Fury of Rick James”, new and old fans can remember the monumental impact Rick James had on funk music. […]