Why Saying and Seeing Black Matters

     Over the last two weeks, I have focused on the reorganization of leadership in Broward County Public Schools. With 41 percent of Broward students identifying as Black, one would assume that Superintendent Cartwright would be actively looking for candidates to advocate for what is educationally sound for Black students. It is not enough to have Black teachers or even Black principals. While the work of Black teachers and principals is extremely valuable to the experience of Black children, there must be representation at the highest levels of the organization where policy decisions are being made and where decisions about how money to support schools and programs are spent. […]

Local News

Parkway Middle School PEP Rally for FSA Testing Week

    Parkway Middle School of the Arts is gearing up for the 2022 Florida State Assessment (FSA) Test. The FSA Test is given to measure whether students are making progress in the areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics. To assist in creating the excitement for test week, the Parkway Middle School administration decided to have a pep rally for celebration and preparation. Parkway Middle School was previously selected to participate in the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools Initiative where each student will receive a tablet, which allows students to have data access outside of the classroom. […]


Racial Veracity

     He-Said: Sarah, last week I witnessed untarnished “Racial-Veracity.” I went to my favorite coffee shop and I ran into my conversational partner. John is an older White gentleman in his late 80’s. Typically we have light banal chatter. Last Monday, I baited him with a question to see his real racial character. Keep in mind you can structure a response in a poll by how the question is framed. I asked him with an indignant tone “What happened with the Black lady getting a seat on the court? John, we have only had 114 justices and only 4 have been women and 2 Black men. Everyone knows that this position has always been for White men!” […]