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Playing in a sandstorm can cost you your race

     Ol Street Detective, Peter Traceit, has been dragging through the sands of local politics and has stopped to examine the sandy dastard-liness of a few candidates in races at the state and local levels. Walking through the sands can be an arduous and slow process, but when you add water to the sand and get some sand slinging, things can get all the more interesting. […]

Local News

A former Delta Air Lines flight attendant claims she was fired after posting an image of former President Donald Trump wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood on her personal Facebook page

Leondra Taylor, a Black plaintiff, admitted to posting a cartoon image of then-President Trump and then-former Vice President Joe Biden during one of their 2020 presidential debates on her personal Facebook page. Trump is depicted in the cartoon wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood and standing across from Biden at the podium. The image includes a quote that reads, “Thank you, Mr. President, for wearing your mask.” […]


 America’s Archenemy – Itself

    The question Americans must  ask is, “Why is the world’s reigning democracy and number one superpower  more vulnerable to domestic terrorists than foreign? Can the answer be that America’s inherent beliefs in a white supremacy ideology breeds  domestic terrorism? Intelligence gathered by the CIA has revealed that domestic terrorism  has become as dangerous as   an incurable cancer. […]


Educator and Author LaTanya Brooks Unveils Three New Coloring Books To Educate about Influential Women

    Educator and author LaTanya Brooks is on a mission to inspire young girls to follow their dreams in STEM and beyond. In her most recent books, children and adults alike are encouraged to have fun by coloring while also learning about influential women throughout history. Ms. Brooks puts a poem next to each page about an influential woman in history and what they’ve done for not just women everywhere, but society as a whole.  […]