This Popular Candle Brand Is Filling Your Home With Toxins

     The best way to finish off a good deep clean to your humble abode is by lighting a candle. After cleaning your home, the final touches include lighting a nice candle, taking a warm bath or shower, and relaxing for the rest of the day. You could also light a candle to set the mood for a special night in *wink wink*, or you could just light a candle simply because you want to. Whatever you decide to do, it’s important to know that as good as some candles may smell, they could be making you sick over time. This one specific brand of candles is a cult favorite. But did you know they may be doing more harm than good? In fact, they could be the reason for a lot of your symptoms. […]

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The Adrienne Arsht Center Brings an Interactive-Enlightening Series of Paid Professional Development Opportunities for South Florida Artists

     Ahead of the grand display of performances for Miami Art Week December 1-3rd, throughout the month of November, The Adrienne Arsht Center produced community engagement initiatives with artists of multidisciplinary mediums, disciplines and art forms for an Artist Residency with some of the cast and creative team members from the production, “The Head and The Load.” Premiering during Miami Art week. Not only did I have the pleasure of serving as The Project Coordinator for this Project and assisting with residency logistics and facilitation, but I was also able to participate and explore the creative process as an artist— and I’ve got the full scoop for you right here. […]