Black women that changed the world through sports and paved the way for future generations

      Since the dawn of time Black women have been the voice of change. Through their determination and knowledge they have sparked momentum to trailblaze a path for future generations of women, and sports are no different. Black women have made their mark in the industry breaking barriers to give all women and people of color a place in athletics, even before the passing of Title IX, which was made to put an end to sex-based discrimination. Let’s kick off Women’s History Month with four athletes that influenced the games we know today.  […]


Student Debt Robs Our Country of Young Geniuses 

     Oral arguments in the case happened in late February. Litigants, backed by far-right politicians, are trying to derail the Biden plan that would significantly reduce or even eliminate debt for millions of lower-income people across the country. Nearly half of Latino borrowers and a quarter of Black borrowers would have their entire student debt relieved. […]


Oscar Night Becomes A Sensation For Michelle Yeoh’s Film And A Milestone For Brendan Fraser

By Alberto Arellano The 11-category nominee “Everything Everywhere All at Once” took home seven awards at the 95th Academy Awards, including best picture, best leading actress, best supporting actor, and best supporting actress. HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA […]


Book Review: A Brick By Brick View Of Africa 

By Joseph Hammond Too often visitors to Africa weather tourists on a safari holiday or CEOS jetting into the a bustling capitol city over look Africa’s unique built environment.   Africa’s unique and diverse architectural finally gets […]