A Black Life: Daniel Penny’s Marine Training Taught Him That Jordan Neely Would Die

The recent death of a New York homeless person, Jordan Neely, is not merely a reflection of two individuals caught in a Shakespearian tragedy – one, the victim, Mr. Neely and the other, Penny Daniels, the perpetrator of the crime. Rather, this incident is a microcosmic reflection of many White Americans’ view of Black lives. The “Black Lives Matter” slogan was prompted by the realization that George Floyd’s horrific death by a White policeman was a stark representation of many Americans’ subconscious lack of value for the life of a Black American. […]


Mama, oh Mama

Parenting is hard. There’s no play book or guide. When you’re in school there are so many things that you can’t be taught and so you spend a significant portion of your life in a trial-and-error mode. Fortunately for me, my mother lived long enough for me to “get it,” to have an understanding of many of the “whys” we lived through and that I questioned. […]


What We Shouldn’t Permit

     Picture a mountain valley somewhere in the Alleghanies, Appalachians or Blue Ridge. It’s a safe bet what you just imagined didn’t include a metal pipeline more than three feet wide running down a steep ridge or crossing a pristine stream. […]


The Godfather of the SWAC

Marino Casem was born in Memphis, Tennessee on June 23, 1934 and died on April 25, 2020 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was 85 at the time of his death. Coach Casem graduated from Xavier University in New Orleans, Louisiana. […]