Self-Care for Students: Strategies for Staying Stress-Free During Final Exams

    As a Broward College student, you’re already on the path to your future. But let’s face it, school can be stressful. As final exams approach, it’s important to become aware of your mental and physical stress levels and learn how to manage them accordingly. After all, managing stress is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. What’s more, it’s a key component of self-care. […]


Women- Treated as Livestock & Poultry

 Regrettably,  women have been taken advantage  of by white men for Centuries. Sadly, there  continues little or no resistance that has been taken to defend women against   societal norms, religious dogma, and laws  that steadily  suppress their  inalienable rights. Looking back as  how men labeled animals as livestock or poultry, their treatment then and now says, “Women are merely human livestock.” […]