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Afghanistan’s Withdrawal Sham Investigation

John Johnson

By John Johnson II

The Afghanistan’s War officially ended on August 30, 2021, as President Biden promised. However, the war was a failure and the withdrawal marred. The killing of thirteen soldiers and injuring of dozens of others during the withdrawals by a suicide bomber was without question a horrific incident. Such an attack could have only possibly been prevented by undressing or searching every Afghan in an around the exit point, which would’ve caused a Civil War.

The House Of Foreign Affairs Committee as it prepares to conduct a “sham” investigation of Biden’s withdrawal

from Afghanistan, should consider the following questions:

1) What president established the timeline for the withdrawal?

2)  Did the withdrawal adhere to the timeline?

3)  Was a pre-withdrawal safety/security  plan developed, which included provision to detect suicide bombers?

4) Could the pre-established timelines have permitted evacuation of all eligible Afghans and US troops?

5) What provisions, if any, were made for Americans and others who were reluctant to leave?

6) What criteria are used to determine if the withdrawal was a success or failure?

7)Could the agreement established with the Taliban to not conduct any attacks have been enforced? and

8)Could Taliban fighters without carrying weapons be distinguished from locals?

The US Military  admitted that the Afghan  twenty years War, which was more a senseless struggle, was an abject  “ Strategic Failure.” Unfortunately, 2,500, US soldiers were killed during the 20 years of war, compared to the thirteen killed during the withdrawal. Is it conceivable that the Afghan senseless struggle or withdrawal could’ve been executed without any casualties?

The House of Foreign Affairs Committee should investigate why the American government continues to get involved in unwinnable  senseless struggles, called wars? In a real war, the US governments  intent should be  to destroy our enemies’ will and  capacity to ever wage war  against us again. In other words, the war should end with an unconditional surrender of the enemy or enemies.

It’s a known fact, wars always enrich others! Why not investigate the money trail rather than a concocted sham? Former president Lincoln once said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Let’s remember the old saying, “Chickens have come home to roost.” One might conclude that Republicans are harvesting chickens of dissent and they’re roosting throughout their  Political Party.



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