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Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated – Zeta Rho Omega Chapter’s Executive Prep rocks with art

Zeta Rho Omega Chapters Execu-Prep Rocks With Art
Zeta Rho Omega Chapters Execu-Prep Rocks With Art

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated – Zeta Rho Omega Chapter’s Executive Prep rocks with art

ZETA RHO OMEGA CHAPTER’S EXECU-PREP ROCKS WITH ART — Zeta Rho Omega supported  the Executive Prep students as they  show off their final art drawings collectively, as one of the culminating activities with great pride as  Zeta Rho Omega Chapter reached out to the local Nova Southeastern University community area. 

Submitted by Zeta Rho Omega Dr. Dierdre Satterwhite Wilson, Ivy Leaf Reporter

The lovely sorors of the Executive Prep Committee have done an outstanding job mentoring our high school students. Their sincere dedication to helping Fort Lauderdale, Fla. youth become global leaders is evident by the myriad of chosen projects that bring aesthetics and creative expression to the forefront.

The Zeta Rho Omega’s High School program activities move forward, under the leadership of President Soror Joeann Fletcher, First Vice President Vickie Pearcey, Officers, Chair Dr. “Kim” Rhone, Co-Chairs and Committee Members Lynnette Drayton, Raylene Thomas, Margaretta James, and Judge Mary Rudd Robinson, all chapter members, fully support this endeavor.

Significantly, the Supreme Treasurer, Delores McKinley and Rudy Ford, director at Camp Ocean Harbour Discoveries provided leadership training and support at Nova Southeastern University on June 1, by completing the first interview process.

All participants were hired as camp counselors for the Summer Camp Ocean Harbour Discoveries Program. Graduating seniors in the Class of 2013, as part of the Execu-Prep Senior experiences are ready to make a difference in the world. Congratulations to Jade Burke (Graduate of Nova High School) and Eboni Arnold (Graduate of Stranahan High School). Jade will be attending Florida State University and Eboni will join the freshmen class at Florida Mechanical and Agricultural University).

As part of the End of the Program Year Celebration, the Execu-Prep Leaders ended the program year with a Paint, Pizza and Punch Party. They painted a relaxing scene on the beach, and the artistic talent was within this group of youthful leaders. They were congratulated for completing the artwork in a timely manner.

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