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Americas’ natural resources and the new world order

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Americas’ natural resources and the new world order

By Dr. P. L. Wright Ph.D.

Considering America is the richest country in the world is one reason there could be the New World Order in process. What this means is to take over the United States there would have to be a process to break down America’s economic system by external and internal forces working the process. However, the recent Government shut down has shown that with Ted Cruz, along with the Speaker of the House Republican john Boehner, the right winger Republicans and the latest elected Republican members, the Tea Party in connection with the Koch brothers and Sara Palin are all in agreement with actions that could destroy Americas’ economy. Those actions could eventually help begin the initiation of the New World Order. They have also already added twenty four billion dollars more to our deficit for the American tax payers to have to pay.

It seems that they are participants in changing our country to the New World Order, or possibly taking us back to the Slave Era. I am sure many other countries would love to take over our natural resources for our land masses to grow food which is the greatest in the world. If the Tea Party members in the House of Representatives succeeds in breaking down the U. S. economy as it is rumored, the New World Order would replace our U. S. Dollar system to the new Uro money system. America’s money would become near worthless. We as Americans must use our voices by calling your state representatives in congress to act in this fight to prevent a forced takeover of the United States of America. Tax Paying American Citizens wake up and become aware. You must participate in finding out what is the truth about what Americans are being told by those in congress. We need to know how our congress make and pass bills. Speak out with your voices and your votes in the next city, county, State and federal elections.

This is the American citizen’s country and we have a legal right to participate in stopping any force that is obviously participating in creating any type of destruction to our country and its people even if it is domestic in direct connection with any foreign entities. This take over could also mean war internally that would bring death and destruction to the United States of America.




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