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Are you ready to pay the toll?

Are you ready to the pay the toll?

Are you ready to pay the toll?

By Maria Carie


    Do we ever stop paying for the mistakes of the past? Yeah…when we stop looking at them as mistakes and begin looking at them as tolls. In every major city there is a toll road designed to bypass traffic and quickly and efficiently get the driver to his or her destination. There is only one catch however, these roads cost money! Most of us are willing to pay the small price for the huge convenience. Now how many of us are willing to apply that same concept to our life?

    Every journey has costs. Be it gas, hotels, food, time or tolls. Consequently, no one starts out on a trip and leaves their wallet at home. Life is a journey. And while the costs can’t be measured in dollars, our experiences are the price we pay to get to our destination.

    So the question is: What’s your destination and how much are you willing to pay for the ease and convenience of getting there? Those life events that seem overwhelming and unfair are mere toll roads designed to lead you to your destiny. Think about Oprah. Her toll roads included abandonment, mole-station, teen pregnancy, and obesity, but her destination was greatness.  Do you think she would have avoided one of those experiences if it meant she could not experience the life she has now? Of course not! And neither should you. So pack your wallet and get your self back on the road of life and just pay the darn tolls!

    Come on Generation X, we got to do better.  While we are preparing to care for our aging parents, who do you think is going take care of us? These selfish and self-centered children we are raising?

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