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Be engaged, take notcs, and listen

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Layla Davidson, 13

By Layla Davidson

As students get ready to go into the new quarter, here are some tips for your tests and studying.

Be engaged, take notes, and listen.

Participating in class is a great study skill to build. It helps you to stay focused on what is being taught. You can do this by taking notes, raising your hand to ask questions and engaging in class discussion.

One method of note-taking is to rephrase your notes in a way that helps you better grasp the concepts.

Also, keep up to date with your homework. Homework is designed to help reinforce what is taught in class. Repetition is often the key to memorizing something and is a key study skill.

Use a planner to stay on top of assignments that are due and upcoming. Don’t just do this by writing down what is due each day, but put in study time for your upcoming quizzes, tests and break larger assignments like essays and research papers into steps. Doing your homework on time means you will be more prepared for your tests and quizzes. If you need help with homework, you should ask your teacher for clarification after class, get tutoring, check online, check the textbook, go back over your notes or form a study group.


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