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‘Bill Cosby’

Pastor Rasheed Z. Baaith

‘Bill Cosby’

By Pastor Rasheed Z Baaith

      “And they will deceive everyone his neighbor, and will not speak truth: they have taught their tongue to speak lies, and weary themselves to commit iniquity.” (Jeremiah 9:5)      


Bill Cosby is a perfect zeitgeist of these times we live in. A time in which unmerited self- importance is so greatly encouraged.

I don’t know what Cosby thought the result of his trial meant for him and for us but it surely did not mean he was to believe he was not some sort of prophet to our people. His proclamation that he would begin to hold a series of town hall meetings to discuss how not to be accused of sexual misbehavior is incredulous. It is tantamount to Booth showing Lincoln to his theater seat.

Even if the trial did not find him guilty of the charges, why would a man who at the least is guilty of betraying his marriage dozens of times feel he had the moral authority to speak to anyone, especially young people about sexual misbehavior? Why would anyone want to hear from a man so captured by his sexual desire, he would drug someone so he could satisfy those desires?  What kind of advice could he possibly offer that would be worth our hearing?

Let’s be clear about something. No one decided to accuse Cosby of crimes because of his skin color or because he of his wealth or because his political positions are so revolutionary. He was accused because of things he did. Whether those things were consensual or not, he has admitted doing them.

The other question to be asked is why would one want to be intimate with someone who is comatose? That seems to be some form of necrophilia to me. Isn’t that moment of intense closeness meant to be a shared one?

Like Donald Trump, Cosby seems to believe the power of his celebrity will outweigh all else.  And like Donald Trump, Cosby is wrong. Despite the present moment being one in which truth is both subjective, even irrelevant to some, real truth is important. Even more it is revealing.

And the real truth about Bill Cosby is he needs to mend his marriage, his family and his soul.  He’s been blessed in that he has the resources to do some things most of us could not for a positive healing of his family. What he should not do is go all over the country forcing his family to relive his past behaviors. While we all have flaws, there are at least some things a man should refuse to do. One of those things is to continually wash the face of his family in waters he has muddied with his sex life.

What the results of the trial did was to give him some relative freedom for a while. His future is uncertain because they will prosecute him again and again until, like OJ, he is either behind bars or broken in spirit. This system loves to destroy Black men it once loved who proved to disappoint them.

Finally, there is this: we know that whatever we have sown we will reap.  And we do not get to pick the season for the harvest.


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