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Black Trump Supporters Coming out of closet

Kevin Palmer

By Kevin Palmer

 According to FOX News, “Ex-NFL Star, Jack Brewer, predicts ‘Black awakening’ will give Trump un-precedented support in 2020.” Black sellouts are coming out the closet. In a 1963 speech at Michigan State University, Malcolm X referred to these sellouts as ‘20th Century Uncle Toms.’

Today, they are called 21st Century Uncle Toms. Malcolm X said, “This type of Negro hates Black. He wants to be white. For 400 years he has been brainwashed. Whites have taken a man who is Black on the outside and made him white on the inside. He’ll deny his own race, color, history, and culture, just to be a second class American.” Or, in Augusta, Georgia, be a black friend to radio host Austin Rhodes.

Malcolm X said, “The 20th Century Uncle Tom is like a watch dog. The watch dog has been trained to think in terms of his master, to protect his master’s property. He has been trained to open his mouth in defense of his master. The Uncle Tom never opens his mouth in defense of a Black man, but in defense of a White man and in defense of America.”

Kanye West is a prominent Trump watch dog.

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