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Kidnapped in Haiti

Almost 17 American missionaries are now reported kidnapped by gang members in Haiti, including 14 adults and three minors. On Saturday, the missionaries traveled to Titanyen, north of Port-au-Prince, and they got abducted when they were en route. Kidnappings in Haiti have increased throughout 2021. […]

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Ali Cultural Arts Center is Proud to Present Dance-An Esther Rolle Inspired Exhibition

Ali Cultural Arts Center is honoring the dance career of iconic actress and Good Times star Esther Rolle with a new juried exhibition. While living in New York City, the celebrated Pompano Beach-born actress was a member of the Shogola Oloba dance troupe, created and led by master Asadata Dafora, and became its director in 1960. Paying homage to this aspect of her career, artists nationwide submitted works that reflect the spirit of the legendary star. Dance-An Esther Rolle Inspired Exhibition runs from October 29 through February 9. The opening reception is Friday, October 29 from 6 to 8 p.m., and is free and open to the public. For more information, www.pompanobeacharts.org. […]

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Clarity in the Quiet

 “The body needs movement. The mind needs silence.” were the words I heard when traveling past a yoga class at the Yellow Green Farmer’s Market. At the time, the class was in child’s pose, and they were instructed to quiet the mind. There is so much clarity in the quiet that it is necessary to balance the hustle and bustle of everyday life with stillness. It is important to have proper perspective when formulating opinions or making decisions. This clear thought process comes from being able to review the situation from a place where outside influences and non-related emotions are not a factor. Those objective position exists when we can silence the distractions and focus on what needs the attention. […]

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Urban League of Broward County selected as Verizon Racial Justice grantee to Advance Racial Equity and Social Justice Initiatives

The Urban League of Broward County is pleased to announce a $165,500 grant from Verizon to build its capacity to work with internal and external stakeholders to lead conversations about racial equity in the workplace, business, and community. The contribution will be leveraged to develop programming within the Urban League that will focus on racial equity, diversity and inclusion (REDI) leadership training, civic engagement, and advocacy. The grant is part of Verizon’s commitment to uplift underserved communities while strengthening local leadership to drive impactful change. […]

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Ruth Pointer revealed as “cupcake” on Masked Singer

     Singing competitions have been popular in our homes for generations. We’ve seen shows like Star Search, American Idol, and America’s Got Talent capture our hearts and make celebs out of no name talent. The Masked Singer is a different type of singing competition. It uses celebs as the ones that are being judged. This is the sixth singer for the Masked Singer. Fans were shocked to learn which legendary celeb was revealed behind the Cupcake mask this past week. […]


Broward County School Board District 1 Candidate Paul R. Wiggins is Working Diligently to Make Education a Community Affair

     When considering some of our community’s most important compositional elements, we most commonly consider three key factors: housing, our neighborhoods, and schools. But why are these the elements we most commonly consider? The answer is simple: because we want what is best for our families.  Well, that is exactly why Revered Paul R. Wiggins has decided to run for the Broward County School Board District 1 Seat– he wants what is best for our families. […]