Surviving the prison system

     This week’s show titled: “Surviving the prison system” will have two of the most prolific soldiers for defending and getting brothers and sisters out of the “belly of the beast”, Amy Ralston Povah, a clemency worker extraordinaire and renown attorney Nkechi Taifa. These two sisters have done remarkable work to gain the freedom of brothers and sisters. Our other two guest are two brothers who served over 63 years between them: Rufus Rochelle and Darryl Hope. […]

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Mrs. Davidson is hosting a virtual fellowship via zoom called Ladies Night In. She will be discussing soul-care, self-care, and savings-care. […]

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“Slave to the Touch”

Artist Commentary” This piece reveals our dependability on our phones; to bring us out of the quagmire of depression that threatens to sink us into oblivion. The red threads is the lifetime that we are connected to through our touch screens and how our phones can influence our very lives. […]

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Wilson Works With Biden to Make Miami Dade College a Mass Vaccination Site

       The good news is that the Biden-Harris administration has helped make possible a mass vaccination site on the north campus of Miami Dade College, which will significantly increase access to this life-saving medication. It is in keeping with the president’s commitment to creating sites that can responsibly handle large volumes of people seeking vaccines and to increase access to low-income and minority communities. […]

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Black History Is The Story Of Pioneers Who Hustle & Expand In Spite Of It All…. 

     Happy Black History Month to my Westside Gazette family! Let the final days of this twenty-eight (28) day celebration of Black Heritage be the energy you keep all 2021 (20WON). Choose to expand your thoughts, impact your community and make history. Oh, and read Expansion on the Frontier. I have so many golden nuggets to share with you as we face our own personal frontiers together. […]