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Quadruplets die in government-run hospital

YAOUNDE, Cameroon — When 21-year-old Anne Christelle Ntsama gave birth to quadruplets, she was over the moon. She believed her children, who had been born prematurely at Yaounde Central Hospital, one of the largest public […]

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 Justice for Breonna Taylor

There are so many things America needs to improve on. Without us Black people using our voice, there will never be improvement or change. We have to keep protesting and speaking out. I don’t know about you, but I have had enough of being oppressed and not being treated equally. This injustice needs to stop! […]

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Wearing a mask could save your life

My sister Azaria and I have spent  a lot of time home these past few months, but, when we do go somewhere with our parents we wear a mask over our nose and mouths to protect us from the coronavirus. The news says that particles of COVID-19 can spread through the air and enter the openings on our face. Even though they can be itchy and uncomfortable, it’s super important that everyone wears a mask when they are out in public. […]


Federal judge refuses delay in order granting voting rights to Florida felons

A federal judge on Sunday refused to put on hold his decision allowing hundreds of thousands of Florida felons who have completed prison or jail sentences to register and vote in this year’s elections. U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle turned down a request by Gov. Ron DeSantis’ lawyers for a stay, as they challenge his felons-voting decision at the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. […]

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 Juneteenth: Where is our National Holiday

       Lately people have been protesting and signing petitions to make Juneteenth a national holiday. Juneteenth is a holiday in three states. Which is disappointing. If “Independence day” is a national holiday why can’t Juneteenth be one? Is it because it has to do with Black people being freed?’ […]

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Learning More About Myself

  While staying home for an extended amount of time, I have really learned more about who I am. For example, since all of our schools have been closed down due to Covid-19, I have learned to work independently and on a schedule. […]