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Challenging Week For President Biden and Will Trump Go to Jail?

Roger Caldwell

By Roger Caldwell

      It is January 2022, and everything is upside down and confusing, and no one knows who or what to believe. In Chicago, the students are protesting, and refusing to go to school, and the Republicans in the federal government refuse to open their mouth, unless it is authorized by Ex-President Trump. The youth have body parts that belong to a woman, but they want to be addressed as a man.

The Democracy is being challenged every day by White supremacy Organizations, and January 6, 2021 was unprecedented, and the investigative committee is getting closer and closer to Trump’s directors, and leadership. Initially, all of the directors were willing to testify, but they all have changed their minds. It appears that President Biden and his team, and the leadership within the Republican Party had a brutal week.

CNN recapped President Biden’s week as, “Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad week.” Sometime everyone has a bad week, and this week Biden was not able to get anything over the finishing line. To begin within the Senate, all 50 Democrats must agree, to get anything done.

There are two holdouts Senator Sinema, and Senator Manchin is not agreeing with the other 48 Democratic Senators. President Biden is having meeting with these two Senator almost every day and nothing seems to change.

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema spoke on the floor of the Senate, and said she could not support a “short sighed” rules change to get pass a Republican blockage on a Voting reform bill. This kind of thinking was extremely different from the Republican leadership. Sen. Mitch McConnell was only thinking about winning, and he would support a bill if he won, and would change his mind, if it stopped him from winning.

Senator Sinema and Senator Manchin have stopped the Democrats from winning on voting rights, Build Back Better, and the Supreme Court stopped President Biden winning on the vaccine mandate. It appeared wherever Biden turned this week; it looked like he would lose.

With the pandemic, hospitalizations were out of control, and there appeared nothing that Biden and his team did, he could win. With Covid tests and treatments, they were in short supply, and the President was a day late and a dollar short.

As everyone talked about how many mistakes the President and his team was making, Ex-President Trump’s companies were being prosecuted in New York and Georgia. In Georgia the Attorney General could show and prove how Trump had broken the law, and the Ex- President could spend time in jail. This is unprecedented in American history, and the president’s lawyers are pleading his case.

As Democracy is on thin ice, everyone is saying that Ex-President Trump coordinated, planned, and supported the attack on the US Capitol. Here again I use the word unprecedented, because it is the best terminology to fit the situation. Trump has lied so much, that it is unprecedented.

As the Republicans remain quiet, something is fundamentally wrong with America. When the numbers factually indicate that Biden won the election, but in a year more Republicans are saying Trump won, something is fundamentally wrong.

Truth is no longer recognized as a word with integrity. Morality is being thrown out the window, and a hybrid of lies is accepted as right. Everything is changing in 2022, and get ready, because soon it will be knocking on your door.

Truth is truth, and integrity is integrity. It does not matter how many times a liar lies, it is still a lie. Hold on to your values, because everyone knows what is wrong, and what is right. It just doesn’t matter how much you lie, build your home and family on a solid foundation.

Believe in truth and it will set you free.



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