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Championship racism

Lucius Gantt

The Gantt Report

Championship racism

By Lucius Gantt

On May 2, 2015 Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Manny Pacquiao will face each other in the most lucrative professional boxing match in history.

The prize fight is scheduled for 12 rounds but Mayweather and other African Americans are in a fight that seems like a lifetime!

No matter what we do, how much money we make or how successful we are, we can never knock out racism!

I’ll bet you the white folk attending the boxing match will not be cheering “USA, USA” because most whites in America want Pacquiao to beat Mayweather to a bloody pulp!

They don’t want Pacquiao to win because they love Manny. They want Pacquiao to win because they hate Mayweather! The white folk won’t buy the expensive pay-per-view to see the fight to cheer Mayweather. They will spend nearly $100 hoping to see Mayweather lose!

You see, any Black person the devil can’t control, the devil will try to destroy.

The first thing the devil does to destroy Black men and women is to get them fired. Well, Blacks like Mayweather that can generate revenue on their own can’t be fired.

Secondly, haters want to silence outspoken Blacks but Mayweather can’t be silenced because rich people and senior citizens can say what they want to.

A third thing that people try to do that hate Black people do is try to discredit them.

If you read or watch the imperialist press, nobody hits women but Black men, nobody uses steroids and performance drugs but Black athletes, nobody shoplifts but Black people and nobody uses foul, politically incorrect language but Black people.

If you don’t want to read Black newspapers or listen to Black radio because Lucius Gantt is on there sometimes go to the Black media outlets to get the truth!

The truth is Barry Bonds has never failed a drug test, never been convicted of a crime but can never be in the baseball Hall of Fame only because white folks don’t want to recognize Bonds as baseball’s all time home run king! Jameis Winston has been investigated time and time again for sexual assault but never convicted of assault but white folk can’t mention his name unless they add “rape” to the statement. There are not 34 quarterbacks in the NFL that are better than Michael Vick but he can’t get or keep a job because white folk say he is a “dog fighter” even though he is good in the football locker room and an even better family man and citizen that has paid dearly any debt he had to society.

Bonds’, Winston’s and Vick’s issues happened years and years ago but some devilish whites speak like issues with Blacks happened yesterday and are ongoing.

Tell your white friends, neighbors and coworkers that whites in England, France, Belgium, Holland, Portugal and in other European countries are imperialist devils that spread colonialism worldwide, stole land, not crab legs, and raped women of color any time they saw fit and see what response you get. Christopher Columbus, Vasco Da Gama, Henry the Navigator, King James and Queen Victoria were nothing but pirates, not heroes.

Ask the sports writers you love at major newspapers and at ESPN when they talk about Ray Rice and Greg Hardy why they don’t talk in the same breath about Jay Mariotti? Well, if you don’t know Mariotti, a former sportscaster still loved by ESPN, was a huge domestic abuser!

White sportscaster Marv Albert is in a variety of sports halls of fame and works right now as a network sportscaster but Albert became the focus of media frenzy in 1997, when he went on trial for felony charges of forcible sodomy. Do you think that will be mentioned every time he picks up a sports mike? I think not.

Don’t expect Uncle Ben or Uncle Tom or the Jezebels on news and sports media to mention negative facts about whites either. They only comment about people that their modern day sports overseers tell them to comment about.

Americans are the owners of the Racism Championship of the World! Anytime they can say something bad about Blacks in sports, Blacks in government, Blacks in business or anywhere Black people are, they will do it!

If you can’t be fair in reporting, in opinion columns, in life and you go out of your way to disparage people that look different than you, you are a media racist. If you mention rape, domestic violence and other crimes when you talk about the Black sheep, you should mention it when you talk about the white sheep!

At the upcoming prize fight and later in the casinos, always bet on Black! (Buy Gantt’s books and contact Lucius at

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